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Drill 'UR' by Urim TOOLS brings out the best results with various mechanisms

1 Nov 2023
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Cutting tools are mostly used in all industries, including automobiles, electronics and shipbuilding. However, the cutting-edge tool industry in Korea is already dominated by major companies, and as a small and medium-sized company, it is far from easy to gain recognition and competitiveness in the industry. In particular, the mood in the local manufacturing sector, which prefers foreign products, is becoming more difficult to do. Under these circumstances, Urim TOOLS are increasing their competitiveness with their own technical skills. The drill, which accounts for about 70 percent of the company's total sales, is mainly applied to processing auto parts. With the recent release of various smartphones, it has been used to process mobile phone cases and is also applied to high-level special areas.

The glass TOOLS drill is known as a cupid drill or glass drill among customers and is marked as UR. The drill of the verb varies the mechanism according to various machining methods, leading to the best results. CEO Lee Bo-bae confidently said, "The drill shape varies from industry to industry, process to machine," adding, "Urim TOOLS specializes in drilling in different shapes by having more automated and advanced equipment."

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Address : 27, Saebyeoksijang-ro 29beon-gil, Sasang-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea l Tel : +82-51-325-0988, 0903 |  Fax : +82-51-325-0913
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